English Inspiration with “Dixit”

Dixit is one of my all time favorite games. The combination of beautiful imagery with simple and easy to teach game play makes for fun with people of all walks of life.

Playing Dixit according to the rules can be a great way to build and reinforce vocabulary in any language, native or other.

Dixit can be used in other ways than described in the rules though. I recommend the following quick English learning activities.

Variation 1: English Only

Play normally, but restrict the hints to English only. Allow students to use a dictionary to check words or phrases they don’t know. You can further restrict hints to practice a particular part of speech, for example must be a verb, or adjectives, or a full sentence.

Variation 2: Writing Prompt

Draw a card from the pile and use it as a writing prompt. Write any or all of the following sentences.

1. Write a sentence describing what you see in the picture. “There is an anchor in the desert.”

2. Write another sentence about how it makes you feel or what it makes you think about. “I wonder if the desert used to be an ocean a long, long time ago.”

3. Write a sentence about something it reminds you of. “Somehow, it reminds me of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Especially the scene where Boba Fett falls into the Sarlacc pit.”

Variation 3: Conversation Starter

Draw a card from the pile and show it to all members of the group. Have everyone think of a keyword or phrase for the card and write it down. Then each member must share their word or phrase and talk about why they chose it. Other students can comment or ask questions about someone’s choice where appropriate.

Author: Mark

English teacher and board game cafe owner living in rural Japan.