Board Game Launch Party


Board Games at Tasha is GO for launch! I’m so excited for this new opportunity for analog gaming in Hidaka. The cafe is set, the menus are ready, the games are shelved! We had a party to commemorate the launch and the feedback was great.

I had a few things to say, and I’ll paraphrase them here:

“I’m very excited to share my love for board games with guests from Hidaka village, Kochi prefecture, and beyond. In the past few years board games have finally started being translated into Japanese. So now I can share the games I love with the community that graciously welcomed me.

At this cafe I want to see competitive spirit, cooperation, sense of adventure, tragedy, glory, and all the other aspects of human nature that board games can draw out. But most of all I want to see people of all walks of life together laughing and playing and enjoying each other.

Born in the 80’s I grew up with board games, but they were I think soon eclipsed by the rise of video games. I loved video games but over the past twenty years or so I’ve realized, no matter how “multi-player” they may be, ultimately video games are the player vs. the game. Board games are on the other hand inherently social. They’re also analog and physical, and in the age of the constant feed of news and social media they’re a great way to unplug, relax, and refresh.

I want this cafe to be a place to deepen old friendships and also to make new friends. To make that happen I’m going to have Open Table placards to invite others to join you for a game. I’m also hoping to have dating mixers and other social events too.”

We had a blast at the party thanks to everyone’s help and participation, and I’m finally recovering enough to reflect and prepare for the first day of regular opening on May 18th, 2019.


ターシャでボード―ゲームの準備は完成しました。日高でアナログゲームを皆さんと共有できることを本当に楽しみにしています。カフェ、メニュー、ゲームの セッティング ができました。記念パーティーを開催して、皆さんのフィードバックがとてもよかったです。







Author: Mark

English teacher and board game cafe owner living in rural Japan.